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  • When you start with a one-of-a- kind, homemade style tomato sauce and pair it with top quality meats, cheese and product there is no secret to making irresistible Italian-style sandwiches the way On A Bun does it.
    Each one of our sandwiches follow old-world Italian recipes and techniques and the sandwiches we make in our stores are the same ones we’ve been serving at our family table for generations.Our classic toppings mean that no two sandwiches are ever the same, but that wouldn’t exactly be true, because all of them are equally delicious. We use words like mouth-watering, hunger-busting and crave-inducing, but we prefer it when those words come from our guests which happens all the time.We don’t dress up our story because we don’t have to. We know that reading our story won’t make you crave our sandwiches, but tasting them will.
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